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Be Kind: Daily Life is Stressful

We all have to navigate our daily life. Home to work (even if it’s still technically “home”). Work to play (which means different things for different folks). Being alone to being in a group. Being in a group to being alone.

This can result in us experiencing a multitude of emotions. Calm to anxious, tired to content, lonely to overwhelmed, regulated to lonely. As adults, this can be challenging but add to that the lack of life experience and strategies of a child or young person and you can start to see that navigating through a day in your life can be stressful.

I know I am the world's worst when it comes to packing things into my day. I might be working but then I add some sport to the mix, maybe some household chores or lending a listening ear to a friend. Whatever the day I can be sure that at the end of it I will be exhausted. It is with this in mind that I am beginning to realise my need to re-evaluate what I can realistically achieve in one day and how much time I need to recharge.

A day in the life of a Behaviour Mentor. The morning starts with some simple household chores. Cleaning up from the night before, changing the bed, making a shopping list for this week’s dinners. Driving to school a little early to ensure I have updated myself on how my students are doing this week and to prepare for class. Facilitating my students' engagement in class through positive interactions and the offering of support when required. Observing during break times to be able to defuse high anxiety situations. Cheerleading and praising to reinforce positive behaviours from the sidelines to promote success in group activities. After school a friend wants to take a Padel lesson, of course, I agree to join. Home to prepare/eat dinner then back out for my padel game with friends. Back home to crash and get some sleep before I press repeat for the next day.

Some days the activities vary, a friend wants to meet for a coffee and a chat, my daughter needs to buy some new clothes, the car needs to go to the garage. But the result is always the same.

It is with all of this in mind that I then reflect on a day in the life of my students. They need to get up early, get washed and dressed, eat breakfast and come to school. They have a FULL day of classes and activities. After school sports and music classes, playdates and so much more. How tired must they be? How can they build in time to recharge? The glaring difference is I have a choice. I can say no to my friends and go home early, I can postpone activities to another day and I can build in some down-time.

Be there for your students, believe that they are doing the best that they can, show them kindness.


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